The Church Must Be Authentic

ABC’s vision is to see God light up your life, your home, your neighborhood, and the world.  We are currently examining this vision statement in our sermon series and aligning our hearts to four core values.  Core values are essential for any organization because you cannot carry out a shared vision if you are not first united by the same shared values.

In week one of our series, we saw that the church is called to lift up the lamp for others to see.  The City of Austin needs to see the light, so we must always value truth here at ABC (1 Timothy 3:15).  Then last Sunday we learned that Jesus shined differently because He was uniquely full of grace AND truth (John 1:14).  We can only shine like Jesus if we learn to value grace like Him.  A grace-saturated church offers warmth, love, and hope for all.

This week we will press on to our third core value, authenticity.  Have you ever noticed that light switches cannot lie?  For instance, right now you are either sitting in a room with the lights turned on or off.  Light cannot pretend.  In the same way God’s people should not pretend. 

We all find ourselves in dark places and situations at times, but sadly many Christians pretend to be shining amidst those storms.  God wants His church to be authentic.  It’s ok to not be ok.  God wants to minister to you wherever you are at, and He’s called the church to be His hands and feet.  The Lord will pour out His light and renew us when we learn how to be authentic with Him and His people.

Take the time to invite a friend to join you this Sunday as this series is the perfect time for someone new to learn what we are all about here at ABC.  As a final note, I hope you can join us at 5pm this Sunday for a special ordination service for Nathan Wood.  We will be setting him apart and affirming God’s call on his life for the Gospel ministry.  I know your presence will be a great encouragement to him that day.

Have a great week, and I look forward to seeing you Sunday. 

Onward and upward,

Jonathan Spencer

Core Value #2 – GRACE

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