The Church and Pride Month

The month of June was recently declared “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” by President Joe Biden.  His official proclamation is a continuation of the precedent established by two of his predecessors, President Clinton and President Obama.  Even if you did not read Joe Biden’s official proclamation, you most likely have seen some of its effects.  Pride flagsContinue reading “The Church and Pride Month”

My thoughts on the SBC report

Last Sunday was an amazing day in the life of our church.  Our worship services were dynamic and filled with wonderful music, a special recognition of our graduating seniors, and a powerful video testimony from one of our own members.  I’d like to thank Nathan Wood and our student ministry team for helping make theContinue reading “My thoughts on the SBC report”

Why Student Ministry Matters

I hope you are getting excited for ABC Student Weekend!  This Sunday, the student ministry is “taking over” all our ministry areas.  You will see teenagers greeting, ushering, and helping with the offering.  You will also see students lead us in worship through music, prayer, platform assignments, and through sharing their testimonies on stage.  FollowingContinue reading “Why Student Ministry Matters”