Vision and Values Series

What an incredible weekend!  Easter 2023 was a record setting day for ABC.  We had our largest Sunday ever, as we welcomed 1,734 people to our Easter services.  Additionally, 576 people joined us for a meaningful Good Friday service, which was about a 20% increase from the previous year’s attendance on that same day. 

I’m so grateful for what the Lord did this past weekend.  Thank you to Dr. Stearns and our worship ministry for leading us well, thank you to all our volunteers who served so faithfully, and thank you to every person who invited someone to church.  It’s amazing what God can do through His people when we start to look outward.  To God be the glory for great things He has done.

This Sunday we will press on to the first week of our “Let There Be Light” sermon series.  For nearly two years now, we have been looking to the idea of shining as that city on a hill that Jesus described in His sermon on the mount.  We’ve studied Matthew 5:14-16 and seen that God wants to use ABC to light up your life, your home, your neighborhood, and the world.  For the next four weeks, we’re going to introduce four core values that align with that vision.

Core values matter.  Of course, we all value many things, but I believe we must value a few things at our core if we want to see God fulfill the vision that He’s given us.  I encourage you to prioritize being here for these next four weeks of church.  It is important for our church to be united in mission, vision, and values.  I believe God will further bind our hearts together and make us even stronger as a body through this series.

I also believe this series offers a great opportunity for you to invite a friend, neighbor, or colleague.  Visitors will have the opportunity to hear the heart of our church and begin to understand what God is doing here at ABC.  There is no better time to get to know our church than right now.  Take the time to invite someone this week, as Easter reminded us that one simple invitation can make all the difference.  God bless you this week and I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday.

Onward and upward,

Jonathan Spencer

Easter Sunday Message

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