Egypt Recap

We have officially returned to Austin after a life-changing week in Egypt.  Thank you for your prayers and please know that God has answered them in so many powerful ways.  I wanted to share some of those victories in this post so you celebrate with us all that God has done, and is still doing, through our new ministry partnership in Egypt.  Last week, I was honored to lead nine men into Egypt to partner with TC Egypt.  The Community at Egypt is a dynamic evangelical association that is focused on impacting the next generation for Jesus Christ. Using the prophetic words of Isaiah chapter 19 as their guide and their passion, they are pursuing the expansion of God’s kingdom across Egypt and the middle east.

TC has established campuses in Cairo and Alexandria, as well as a campus in Jordan that has served thousands of refugees.  But as of this week, they now have added a fourth campus in the city of Fayoum due to the generosity and partnership of our church.  Our team was honored to represent ABC at the grand opening of our new campus facility.  Additionally, we were able to serve on mission all week alongside the TC staff in both Cairo and Fayoum.  TC offers a long list of vibrant ministries that fall under three primary sectors: Work & Faith, Recovery, and Discipleship and Evangelism.  We were able to partner in all three areas these past few days.

We brought a team of gifted professionals from ABC.  These men brought decades of experience in areas such as marketing, real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, physical therapy, finance, and wealth management.  They were able to offer business seminars to the Egyptian community to help them sharpen their skills.  These men presented workshops in the TC facilities, but some also had the opportunity to present a session at Cairo’s most prestigious university.  These men were able to share their wisdom in business, but they were also able to share how God has shaped their lives through business.  The audiences were engaged, had lots of questions, and our men were able to consult with them in business and spiritual life.  The TC staff now has a long list of new guests that they are following up with for further discipleship.

We were also blessed to partner with TC’s amazing recovery ministry.  TC Egypt offers Christ-centered programs to help men and women be freed from all kinds of addictions.  They have in-patient recovery facilities for both men and women, with each facility capable of housing over 20 patients.  We were blessed to bring Dr. Jimmy Myers with us on this trip, and God used him in a powerful way.  Jimmy is an ABC member who is also a PhD, a Licensed counselor, and the founder of Austin’s largest Christian counseling center, The Timothy Center.  Jimmy spent many hours training TC’s counselors and helped them further develop their skills.  Our entire group was also able to join the two recovery houses for a special worship service on Sunday morning.  I had the honor of preaching that day, and we were blessed to see over 20 men and women make decisions for Jesus Christ that day. Our men scattered to pray over these individuals and encourage them in their new decisions.  God moved in a powerful way and we were humbled to witness it.

One of the most special days came at the Grand Opening of our new TC Fayoum campus.  I was so encouraged by TC’s work ethic and the Lord’s faithfulness in this joint venture.  We gave TC a green light in December to begin this expansion plan.  Within these four short months, their leadership team acquired a strategic property surrounded by residences and schools.  They fully renovated that property in 40 days, networked across the community, and hosted a grand opening celebration with over 250 people in attendance.  We had a special outdoor worship service with music, preaching, testimonies, and recognition of various community leaders.  I was blessed to preach at that service, and I challenged TC Fayoum to shine their light in their city.  It was inspiring to see the name of Jesus being lifted publicly, the Gospel being proclaimed boldly, and worship happening in open air of a predominately Muslim community.  We welcomed Christians, seekers, and even some Muslims in attendance at that service.  Many more were listening and watching from the balconies and streets that surrounded us.  Our Fayoum campus is now officially open, and I’m excited to see how God will use those facilities to reach the city in the years to come.


In addition to these incredible spiritual moments, our team also had a blast experiencing the Egyptian culture together.  We had lots of laughs and witnessed some incredible things. We stood in awe at the Great Pyramids of Giza and went on camel rides to see the ancient Sphynx.  We visited a national museum and saw many of the ancient Pharaohs.  We traveled across “Garbage City” and were humble to watch hundreds of Egyptians hauling and sorting through trash for provision.  We walked through the famous Cave Church and marveled at this church that has been built literally into a mountain.  We visited historic churches such as St. George’s Church, the “Hanging Church,” and the church built on the traditional site where Mary and Joseph stayed with baby Jesus.  We walked and shopped Cairo’s famous market and enjoyed Egyptian cuisine.  We got to see the desert oasis in Fayoum.  We saw Egypt’s only waterfalls, Africa’s 2nd biggest lake, and some of Egypt’s most famed deserts.

So what’s next?  This was not the end of our Egyptian partnership, but really just the beginning.  I encourage you to continue to pray for Fayoum in particular.  Pray that God will bless the TC staff in their leadership and pray for the Lord to use our facilities to disciple and reach more people for Jesus Christ.  Pray for our next trip.  We are looking to send a group this coming October (more details to come).  We especially want to take some women on this trip to work with the ladies in the recovery house and to help lead women’s empowerment seminars. 

Pray for Dr. Jimmy Myers and me.  We are looking to potentially return to Egypt for a few days in November.  I will already be in the Middle East for our church’s Israel tour, so I may add on a few days of ministry in Egypt. The TC staff is asking for me to train Egypt’s Baptist pastors.  I had the privilege of meeting the head of the Egyptian Baptist denomination while I was there.  TC is also inviting me to preach a few outreach events while I’m there.  Jimmy is looking to come back at the same time to continue in his training and mentorship of their counseling staff.  Jimmy introduced his CSAT training to them on our trip (certified sex addiction therapist).  Egypt desperately struggles with so many forms of sexual addiction, and our church may have the unique opportunity to bring this professional training to the nation of Egypt for the first time.  We are working on a strategic plan to get their staff certified and equipped with this accreditation so they can help many Egyptians find freedom from sexual bondage.

Thank you for you continued encouragement, prayers, and a support.  I was so proud to see our church do something bold for the kingdom.  God has blessed our initial steps of faith in Egypt, and I believe it is just the beginning of what is to come.  It felt unreal in many ways to see Austin Baptist Church’s name on signs, screens, and flyers in the nation of Egypt.  It was a great reminder that our big God can use this city on a hill in Austin, Texas to help light up the world.  May we all continue to shine our light so that others may see our good work and give glory to our Father in heaven.  The best is yet to come.

Onward and Upward,

Jonathan Spencer

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