Light Up Your Neighborhood

I hope you would agree that last Sunday was an incredible day in the life of our church!  Our first ever ABC Kids Sunday was a huge success, and I’m so proud of how our children shined the light of Jesus Christ last weekend.  Our ABC kids did a wonderful job leading the way as our ushers and greeters, our prayer leaders on stage, and of course we loved hearing from our children’s choir as they led us in worship.  We also got to celebrate nine amazing young families who boldly committed to raise their little ones in Christ-centered homes.  It was exciting to add four more light bulbs to our new “let there be light” sign, as we also saw four individuals proudly raise their flags for Jesus Christ through believer’s baptism.  Thank you church family for your continued prayers, service, and generosity that make all of this ministry possible.  May we always continue to help families light up their homes for Jesus Christ.

Last Sunday, we announced the launch of a new technological resource for our homes.  Every Monday, we are now sending out a “Light Up Your Home Devotional” to anyone who chooses to subscribe to our free service.  Each devotional will highlight the main idea from the previous Sunday’s sermon, and it will equip you with corresponding scriptures, discussions questions, and prayer points to take to you home.  Our prayer is that this resource will help you light up your home through meaningful spiritual conversations each week.  I encourage you to pull it up on your phone at your dinner table or living room once a week.  Read the scriptures, discuss them with your family, and pray for one another’s needs.  I’m confident that God will bless your efforts, and I’m praying that He will spiritually unite your home together.  If you would like to receive these weekly devotionals, simply text “ABCHOME” to 81411.

Technology is an amazing tool in this world.  As we all know, it can certainly bring a lot of darkness into one’s life, but by the grace of God, technology also has the power to shine a whole lot of light.  This week are launching another technological resource as we shift our focus from “lighting up our homes” to “lighting up our neighborhoods.”  Jesus says a city on a hill is not meant to be hidden, so this means we cannot stop shining when we walk outside ABC’s church walls.  Rather, we must remember that our Gospel mission truly begins the moment we leave the church parking lot.  Paul explains, “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God” (2 Corinthians 5:20).  As ambassadors for Christ, we must not forget the mission field is always around us.  This Sunday we’re going to talk about this high calling, and we’ll highlight another piece of technology that will hopefully equip you to shine in your neighborhoods.

ABC will continue to maximize technology for the glory of God in the years to come.  Paul explained that we should always aim to find new methods and means to reach people for Jesus Christ.  He explained, “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).  Embracing technological advancements will equip us to meet people on the platforms they already live on.  By God’s grace we’ve built an online broadcast platform and launched a brand new website in recent days (  We’ve also taken the church to all the major social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube) and we’ve hired a fantastic communications director to keep us organized.  If you do not follow us or subscribe to those channels, I encourage you to do so today by finding us on all platforms with the @austinbaptistchurch username (social media links are at the bottom of our new website).  In addition to Youtube, we also now upload Sunday’s sermons through our new Austin Baptist Church podcast channel.  This is another great resource for you to pass on the sermon audio to others who may benefit from hearing that week’s message.  I also encourage you to subscribe to our “Citizen ATX” podcast channel and share it with others in your sphere of influence (  I co-host this podcast show with Dr. Matt Gillum, and we discuss various cultural topics and issues through a Biblical lens to help people better understand what it means to live in this city as citizens of heaven (Philippians 3:20).  In fact, we’re about to launch a new series where we are fielding as many questions as possible from our audience through our new “Asking for a Friend” podcast series.  More details to come this Sunday.

Don’t forget to wear blue this Sunday to support our local law enforcement officers.  We’ve invited constables and APD officers to join us as we celebrate these brave men and women and pray over them in our services.  Of course you are welcome to invite any officers you know to join us as well.  Our law enforcement men and women are a great picture of what it means to “light up our neighborhoods.”  Each week, they serve us by pushing back darkness from our neighborhoods, and I pray that we may follow their example in the spiritual realm by shining the light of Jesus in the dark places that surround us.  Invite a friend this Sunday, wear blue, and I look forward to worshipping with you at ABC.

Last Sunday’s Sermon: City on a Hill: “Light Up Your Home”

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